Ripper Online – SEO

ToDaygital, a digital marketing specialist, took up a challenging SEO project for Ripper Online, a retailer and wholesaler of security systems in Melbourne, in October 2021. The project aimed to improve the search engine ranking of Ripper Online’s website, increase online visibility, and drive more organic traffic.


Our team at ToDaygital started by conducting a comprehensive SEO audit of Ripper Online’s website and identifying the key areas for improvement. We worked closely with the Ripper Online team to optimize the website structure, content, and user experience. The project included both local SEO in Melbourne, VIC, Australia, and eCommerce SEO.


ToDaygital’s strategy was highly effective, and we succeeded in making Ripper Online’s security system the best-selling product on the website. Moreover, our team’s efforts paid off when the product secured the top position in Google’s search results for relevant keywords. This brought a significant increase in organic traffic and sales for Ripper Online.


ToDaygital continued to monitor and improve the website’s SEO, and as a result, the website gained a significant boost in search engine rankings. The project resulted in 39+ keywords in the Top 3 Google search results and 200+ popular keywords in the Top 10 Google search results. The success of this project enabled Ripper Online to compete with the leading players in the industry, expanding its market reach and boosting its revenue.


In conclusion, ToDaygital’s SEO project for Ripper Online was a huge success, and the partnership between the two companies proved to be highly fruitful. The project’s results have contributed significantly to Ripper Online’s growth and success, and it has set a benchmark for future SEO projects undertaken by us.


April 9, 2023