Ripper Online – Social Media

It all began on 18th October 2021 when Ripper Online, a retail and wholesale security company, approached me for their social media marketing needs. The goal was simple: to increase their social exposure and expand their audience.


From the very beginning, I knew that the key to success was to be present on all major social media platforms. And so, we started with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We made sure that Ripper Online was not only present on these platforms but also actively engaging with their audience through consistent and engaging posts.


To further boost their reach, we also implemented social paid ads campaigns that targeted their ideal audience. Through careful analysis of their target demographics and interests, we were able to create ads that resonated with their audience and drove traffic to their website.


But it wasn’t just about posting content and running ads. We also focused on creating quality content that not only represented their brand but also provided value to their audience. From creating blog posts and infographics to designing eye-catching visuals, we made sure that Ripper Online’s social media channels were full of interesting and informative content.


Fast forward to today, the results have been outstanding. Ripper Online’s social media channels have seen a significant increase in engagement and followers, and their website traffic has also seen a boost. We continue to work closely with Ripper Online to refine their social media strategy and achieve even greater success in the future.


October 18, 2022


Social Media Marketing